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Knife Care Instructions


High Carbon/Damascus Steel –

High Carbon Steel Knives require a decent amount of care. First always make sure your knife is dry and wiped free of any residue that can tarnish the steel. Which is pretty much everything, so always keep it clean. Leaving even a few drops of moisture on it overnight and it will rust. If it does, you can use a fine abrasive or a rust eraser to clean it. Apply a thin coat of oil like Olive or Tsubaki oil when stored away. There is also a food safe wax called Axe Wax that I highly recommend. You apply a very thin coat to the knife and handle then wipe off excess.

Over time your knife being High Carbon will form what is called a Patina. It will form a used look from different acidic foods on the steel, do not confuse it with corrosion as this can help protect your knife. To see what a Patina is head over to Google and do a search.


Stainless/Stainless Damascus Steel –

Stainless Steel is corrosion and rust resistant, not that it will never rust. So just like any steel you should always keep it dry and clean. Using Axe Wax is also good. 

Thank You for purchasing a knife from us, I hope it brings you many years of use and happiness. This will be an item you can pass down from generation to generation. I appreciate every single person that allows me to build something so special for them. I look forward to working with you again in the future!


Jim Morrissey

Shamrock Knives

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