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Jim Morrissey

Jim Morrissey

Born and raised in South Amboy, New Jersey a little town along the Jersey Shore where handshakes still close business deals and everyone knows your name.

At the young age of three, Jim watched his first episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe “Quest for the Sword” and thus began his dream of knife making. As Jim grew so did his dream of turning his play swords into the three-dimensional blades that he creates today. It wasn't until 2018 he began forging after taking a class with Chad Bowlin of Black Hog Knives. 

Jim continuously works on his craftsmanship by taking classes with ABS Master Bladesmiths & being an Apprentice Smith of the American Bladesmith Society. Jim is looking forward to taking his test to become a Journeyman Smith in 2022. Shamrock Knives was formed in 2019 and since opening his knives have been sold all over the world. 

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